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SpotLight - lighting the pathway to Self-Awareness 

 Spotlight is a development focused report based on Facet5. It provides individuals with a comprehensive summary of their Strengths and Risks of their personality profile as well as the Frustrations and Challenges associated with their individual style. Spotlight improves individual learning and development outcomes through heightened self-awareness and action planning.

SpotLight Model

The SpotLight report is created by extracting the key features of an individual’s Facet5 results and mapping them onto

the Facet5 Spotlight developmental framework. The report summarises not just the Strengths and Risks of an individual’s profile, but also the Frustrations and Challenges associated with your unique individual style.

The four elements of the Spotlight Development Framework are:

  • Strengths: are the positive and productive behaviours that an individual does well and require little effort on their part
  • Risks: are the less appealing aspects of an individual’s style and shows when things are not going well. Any Strength can become a Risk if it is taken to extremes
  • Frustrations: refer to the adverse reaction an individual may have to another person’s behaviour. Frustrations arise because the approach of another person is so different from the individuals own that prolonged exposure to them can trigger the risk behaviours
  • Challenges: provide the development suggestions that support the individual to understand what they offer and how to change their behaviour to capitalise on the strengths of others and to manage the risks behaviours in themselves

To support individuals to understand themselves in practical work based scenarios, Spotlight takes the four elements and groups them into five work related domains. These are:


  • Selection/Interviewing
  • Team Building
  • Training//development
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Conflict resolution


Provides simple explanations allowing participants to identify key development options and to convert them to practical plans

•Based on Facet5, a leading personality measure which

accurately describes expected behaviours

•Facet5 Questionnaire available in over 32 languages

•Web based for data collection all over the world

•Results are available in real time, for download and use, quickly and effectively

•Online resources and facilitator materials build capability quickly and ensure powerful results.


  • 10-15 minutes duration


  • all levels


  • Hungarian
  • Bulgarian*
  • Czech*
  • Danish
  • Dutch*
  • English,
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese*
  • Rumanian
  • Russian*
  • Serbian*
  • Slovakian*
  • Spanish*
  • Swedish
  • Turkish*
  • Welsh*

*On this language only the survey is available, the report is not yet.