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Career Profile Inventory

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Personal career goals and plans in the organisation

Personal career paths

 The Career Profile Inventory is a short self-evaluating on-line questionnaire used on all levels of the organisation. This theoretically based and validated tool investigates the present stage and the development of the career. The results give information about the following:

·         Actual career stage / present

·         Career path preferences

·         Political style orientation


 What does Career Profile Inventory measure?

 The 40 questions of Career Profile Inventory ask about the present stage of the person’s career and compares it with the person’s ideal aim. The assessment takes approximately 20-30 minutes and the report is generated automatically. The comprehensive report compares the present situation with the desired career, evaluates the career preferences of the individual, and describes the person’s political style orientation. The level of work satisfaction can be measured by analysing the variances.

 The Career Profile Inventory is an ideal tool used in coaching, career counselling, outplacement, personal development, performance appraisal, management trainings and development programs. Furthermore the report contains action planning with source documents and internet websites.


Career Profile Inventory is used for

 •          Career development

•          Coaching

•          Organisational change

•          Managment development

•          Performance management

•          Self-awareness

•          Talent management


 •          On-line

•          Licensed

•          Immediate testing, evaluation and reporting

•          Easily understandable written and graphic report


 •          20-30 minutes duration

•          40 questions

•          On-line

•          Paper-pencil version

 The report includes

 •          Graphic profile

•          3 scales

•          Rank order of personal preferences and standardized scores

•          Action planning


 •           All levels


 •          Not compulsory

 Available languages

 Hungarian, English