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Customview 360



Customizible 360° evaluating systems


Real feedback to ourselves about ourselves


The purpose of 360° evaluation is to get a clearer picture of the person according to how he/she sees him/herself and what are the others’ feedbacks. With these results the organisation gets a more realistic image as well. The reports give you information about the person’s work behaviour, team role, it improves job performance and gives possibilities to work out development plans.

 Basic Types:     

§         Personal 360 evaluation

§         Team 360 evaluation


When to use CUSTOM View 360?


The competencies, measured by 360°tests some times may not cover the standard, pre-made competency-sets. In these cases the organization may customize the 360° evaluation according to its own desire.° It makes possible the more precise modification of content and names or even the custom re-building of the whole competency spectrum.


How to create the measurement field?


·          Define the organization or job role competencies

·          Define the competency spectrum that 360°evaluation will measure

·          Define the items of the 360° questionnaire according the competency measurement fields

·          Define answer range and possibilities

 What results does the test give?

 Immediately after filling out the questionnaire, the system is able to generate the results based on given options, using both raw points and standardized values: 

·          Based on summarizing competency results and summaries

·          Results according to competency sub factors

·          Option of grouping on demographic bases

·          Competency values in correlation with the total group average (relative)




•  Flexible composition

•  Competency content and labeling are customizable

•  Completely new and unique competencies can be set up

 Fields of application

 • Performance Management

•  Management Development

•  Executive Coaching

•  Succession Planning


 • Internet based

•   Licensed

•   Immediate testing, evaluation and reporting

•   Written interpretation and graphic profile


 •  Totally customizable

 The report includes

•  Graphical comparison

•  The Most and Least Frequently Observed Behaviour

•  Narrative Interpretation with Developmental Recommendations for each competency measured

•  Summary of Average Scores by Rater Category

•  Developmental Action plan


 •  all levels


 •  one day long accreditation training